Best Price Guarantee

As we would like to offer our customers the best possible quality for the lowest possible price, we guarantee you the following: 

BEST PRICE GUARANTEE – Languages and travel at wholesale prices!

Linguago guarantees that the prices of our affiliate schools will be lower than they are for any other provider.

How can Linguago be cheaper than all its competitors?

Almost all language schools charge additional reservation fees for language trips and accommodation. These can amount to €80-160 per reservation, but Linguago does not pass them on to clients. Some agencies also like to add their own surcharges to the final price; Linguago refrains from such practices.

Language courses – Capped class sizes, qualified teachers

We guarantee you that the predefined class sizes will not be exceeded. All teachers have an official certificate that qualifies them to be foreign language teachers. Many of them have also completed a university degree.

Language schools – Approved and controlled regularly

To maintain our high-quality standards, we regularly visit our affiliate schools and put great emphasis on implementing customer feedback. In choosing a language school, we pay close attention to high quality, longstanding experience, and a positive local atmosphere.

Our Linguago team – Friendly, professional, and punctual

We have been offering competent advice and guidance to our customers since 2003. Our team consists of committed staff with language travel experience and professional training in the tourism sector.