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Spanish Language Schools in Barcelona

Learning Spanish in Barcelona will not only give lovers of language the chance to better their Spanish skills but will also give learners an opportunity to explore the city’s rich cultural history.

This course gives participants insight into the Spanish way of life. The school staff and host families take great care of our students and will be there ready to help at all times. At social gatherings, students will gain a deeper understanding of Spanish traditions and cuisine.

The language school uses modern learning materials and teaching techniques. Whether you are learning Spanish grammar, vocabulary, or small-talk, this course will make it a fun and interesting experience. Even students possessing little or no prior knowledge of the Spanish language will be encouraged by our highly-trained staff to learn and interact.

After Spanish language lessons have finished for the day, our students can participate in many recreational activities in Barcelona and the surrounding area. Many of the famous sites and tourist attractions in Barcelona are located just minutes away from the language school. Especially famous is the work of Catalan architect Antoni Gaudí, which paints a characteristic view of the city.

His most famous work is the Sagrada Familia church – the landmark of Barcelona. Some of his other world-famous structures include the Casa Batlló, the Casa Milá, and the Park Güell, a park that offers its visitors a breathtaking view of the Barcelona city skyline. If you are an admirer of Antoni Gaudí, maybe a language-learning holiday in Barcelona is just the kind of inspiration you’re looking for.

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