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Peru is just about as mind-boggling as its generally multifaceted and dazzling history. Celebrations mark old ceremonies, the metropolitan vanguard leads development and nature presents unbelievable diversity. Tourists rush to the wonderful Inca fortress of Machu Picchu, yet this site is only a glimpse of a 5000-year history of Peruvian settlement. Investigate the dusty leftovers of Chan, the biggest pre-Columbian ruins in all of the Americas. Fly over the astounding geoglyphs carved into the bone-dry earth at Nazca. Or on the other hand adventure into the tough wilds that encompass the suffering stronghold of Kuélap. Lima's extraordinary museums uncover in full detail the complexity, expertise, and enthusiasm of these lost civilizations. Visit distant networks and perceive how old ways live on. Submerge yourself, and you'll leave Peru somewhat nearer to the past


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Máximo Nivel - Cusco, Perù Máximo Nivel - Cusco, Perù