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Learn English in Cape Town, South Africa: An unrivalled experience. You will learn English and at the same time discover some of the most beautiful areas in Africa. South Africa is famous for its breathtaking scenery.

Gaze from Cape Town up to Table Mountain and then hike to the top of Table Mountain and look down onto the city. When you see this, words are sure to fail you, in any language! But to keep this from happening in any other English-language environment, you should join an English-language course in Cape Town.

You'll learn the language, discover the culture and other interesting facts about the country, and you'll also get many offers and tips regarding what to do during your free time.

Cape Town is located on the southernmost tip of Africa and offers plenty of coastline and water to surf, sail, swim, or fish. How many other cities out there can offer two oceans to enjoy like Cape Town? Enjoy the water and the sea air with year-round mild temperatures. The environment is ideal for growing grapes, so it's no wonder that some the most famous South African vineyards are nearby.

From the hustle and bustle of the big city to pure natural beauty in the surrounding countryside, Cape Town will inspire everyone and provide plenty of things to talk about with locals and fellow travellers.

Thus you'll become acquainted with one of the most fascinating places on Earth and improve your English both during the language course and in your leisure time. What are you waiting for? Cape Town awaits you!

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