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Spanish Language Schools in Málaga

Learning Spanish in Malaga offers students a unique combination of a sophisticated language course and relaxing holiday in a charming and historical town.

Our language school in Malaga is a family-run business and one of the oldest and unique schools in the city. Modern learning techniques and internally developed educational materials are the assets language teachers here use to make the Spanish language classes very pleasant and effective. In addition to the classic elements of a language course such as vocabulary and grammar exercises in Spanish, interaction in Spanish really is at the heart of the language course here in Malaga. Carefully selected host families are of great help to the language students when it comes to learning more about the mentality and way of life in southern Spain. Apart from staying at the host families, students can also stay in shared apartments, residential quarters, or hotels.

Our language schools in the south of Spain organise and supervise excursions, sightseeing tours, and sporting activities. For the language students, a walk in the scenic old town of Malaga can easily turn into a car-free discovery adventure.

Every evening, typical southern Spanish nightlife awakes in Malaga. Locals and visitors alike come together in the many tapas bars and cosy cafes. The traditional Flamenco rhythms entice visitors into the Flamenco bars. And if you’re looking for a musical alternative to the traditional Flamenco bars, Malaga offers many modern clubs and bars too.

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