Information on visas for travelling abroad to study languages

For some countries, it is necessary to apply for a visa in advance of your course. We will be happy to advise you on visa procedures and the individual entry requirements. Please contact the respective Embassy offices for up-to-date information regarding visas for the countries listed below:


American Embassy

Clayallee 170

14191 Berlin

Phone: (030) 83050

General Consulates in Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Leipzig and Munich

Costa Rica

Embassy of Costa Rica

Dessauerstr. 28-29

10963 Berlin

Phone: (030) 26 39 89 90

Honorary Consulates in Frankfurt, Hamburg, Leipzig and Hanover

Visas for Australia

For a trip to Australia to study a language, there are three different visa options depending on your place of residence, the duration of the language course as well as your travel plans:

Visitor visa for Australia

Any course participant may request a 3-month electronic Visitor Visa (subclass 651). During these 3 months, you can participate on any language course or work on any project as a volunteer. The visitor visa does not allow you to work (including working as an Au Pair) or take part on an internship. Students can use the free website on visitor's visas before booking a language course on the Australian Immigration Department`s website: The application will be processed within a few days. Some travel agents or airlines offer the visa application as part of their service.

Working holiday visa for Australia

Germany and Australia have a reciprocal Working Holiday Agreement that allows young German citizens from 18-31 years old, to live and work in Australia for up to one year. On a Working Holiday Visa, you can attend a language course of your choice - but this may not exceed a period of 17 weeks. In addition, you can accept paid jobs, get involved in a volunteer project, live as an Au Pair in a family or even complete a professional internship. Please note you can only get a Working Holiday Visa once in your lifetime. You can apply for the Working Holiday Visa (subclass 417) prior to your language course on the Australian Immigration Department's website: Please allow an application period of about 4 weeks. The Working Holiday Visa currently costs 280 Australian Dollars.

Student visa for Australia

The student visa is suitable for those participants whose goal is to learn the English language and to attend a language course of at least 12 weeks. Application for this Visa goes hand in hand with the booking of the course. After booking and paying for a course of 12 weeks or longer, the school issues a 'Confirmation of Enrolment' document which allows you to apply for the student visa. The student visa application form is also available on the Australian Immigration Department's website: The processing time is usually between 2 and 6 weeks. The validity period of the Visa depends on the length of the course: the visa expires a month after the end of the course and then you must leave the country (for courses of 3-9 months). The Student Visa allows you to work for 20 hours per week, to get involved in a volunteer project or to complete an internship. But, since the course is a full time course, you will probably have very little or no time available. It is a condition of the Visa that you attend the language course and make progress. This information may be subject to change. For current information please visit the Australian Immigration website:

Please contact our visa specialists at Linguago if you need any further assistance.