Internships abroad - with Linguago!

Internships abroad are a great opportunity to both get work experience and to immerse yourself in a different culture. With our internships you can discover England, Spain, Italy or the USA!

Many of our partner language schools are also setting up internships in local companies based in the respective towns together with a language course - the ideal combination! In general participants must be 18+ years old and are required to attend a language course of min. 4 weeks prior to the internship. Participants need to apply for all necessary visa (if required) themselves and also need to provide all necessary documents. Of course you can always ask us, if you need some advice or consultation!

The cost of finding a suitable internship is around €200,00. This covers the application and administration expenses. All participants are required to hand in their CV in the national language of the respective country.

Please find detailed information about each internship destination on the respective school page in the paragraph "internship":

Brighton, England | Cambridge, England San Francisco, USA | San Diego, USA |  Cape Town, South Africa | Bordeaux, France | Montpellier, France | Madrid, Spain | Seville, Spain Florence, Italien | Siena, Italy | Salerno, Italy