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Talk to the locals in Italian while on holiday in Italy, get to know the Italian culture and way of life, experience everything that Italy has to offer from the historical cities to traditional food, Italy has it all. By enrolling in an Italian Language course this is a possibility and you are now one step closer to achieving those language goals.
With Linguago you can visit Italy to learn Italian and fulfil your wish to master or perfect this beautiful language in one of our carefully selected schools. Linguago represents Italian language schools in Rome, Florence, Siena, Rimini and Salerno. Italian language courses are offered in various intensities from beginner to advanced, so anyone can participate and the right course is there for you. 
The list of accredited Italian Language Schools is below - start your journey to "Bella Italia" today!


Schools of Italian


Schools of Italian


Schools of Italian

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Europass Italian Language School Europass Italian Language School

Accademia Italiana Salerno Accademia Italiana Salerno

Accademia Studioitalia Accademia Studioitalia