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General Terms and Conditions
LINGUAGO Mission Statement

Our mission is to make it as easy as possible for you to find the right school in which to improve your language skills in the most interesting and fascinating parts of the world. To achieve this goal, we follow the following good practices:

  • Your language travel destination and your School of choice are important to us: And that's why our website offers detailed and transparent information about our partner Schools and their services.
  • We at LINGUAGO provide you with a wide range of highly-rated language Schools offering a unique language travel experience.
  • We at LINGUAGO are here to help you make the right choice.
  • We at LINGUAGO listen to you: Our platform is the result of what YOU (the users) prefer and find most practical when using our service
  • We at LINGUAGO hear you: We show uncensored reviews (from customers who actually visited the Schools)
  • We at LINGUAGO promise you an informative service and a user-friendly website that guarantees the best prices available
  • Unlike most other providers our prices are equal to or cheaper than that of the School. The School pays us for referring you to them and we do not charge a fee to you.

General Terms and Conditions
These general terms and conditions, which are subject to change, apply to all our services that are provided directly via the Internet, any type of mobile device, by email, or by telephone.
These pages, the content, and the structure of these pages are the property of LINGUGO and are operated and provided by LINGUAGO and are only available for your private and non-commercial (B2C) use, in accordance with the terms and conditions below. The relationship that we have with the Schools is regulated by individual terms and conditions, which in turn regulate the (B2B) business relationship that we have with each of the tour partner Schools. Every School act in a professional manner vis-à-vis LINGUAGO when they sell their product and/or service on or through the Platform (both business-to-business (“B2B”) and business-to-consumer (“B2C”) relationships). Please note that the School may have declared its own terms and conditions (for delivery/transport/use), as well as terms and conditions for use, access, and completion of the trip (which may include certain exclusion clauses and liability restrictions) to be applicable and/or (acceptance thereof), required - in addition to the guidelines and fine print as disclosed on the website.

“LINGUAGO” operated by Sprachdirekt GmbH (Ltd.) est. 2003 governed by German law and registered at Schwanthalerstr 5, 80336, Munich, Germany.

The “Travel Service” means the online purchase, order, payment (including payment intermediation) or booking service, as offered or made possible by LINGUAGO, in relation to the various products and services that are available from the Platform.
The “Customer’ is the individual who has utilised the Travel Service in order to make a booking.

The “Platform” is the website on which the Travel Service is controlled, managed, maintained, and/or hosted by LINGUAGO.
The "School” or “Schools” refer to the education establishments that provide language courses as well as accommodation, airport transfers, and other tourism activities or similar products or services that are available on the platform.
“Booking” means ordering, purchasing, paying, booking, or reserving a course and/or additional service provided by the School.

1. Scope and nature of our services
LINGUAGO provides an online platform through which Schools advertise and promote their courses and services and through which relevant visitors to this platform discover in order to make a booking. By using the Travel Service (e.g. by making a booking with the School), you enter into a direct (legally binding) contractual relationship with the School with whom you book or purchase a product or service. From the time you book your trip, LINGUAGO acts exclusively as an intermediary between you and the School, forwarding the details of your booking to the respective School and sending you a confirmation email on behalf of and on behalf of the School. LINGUAGO does not sell, rent, or offer any language courses, travel products, or services.
The information we use to perform our Travel Service is based on the information provided to us by the Schools. The Schools who market and advertise their services and products via our platform have access to our systems and the extranet and are therefore solely responsible for ensuring that the rates/fees/prices, availability, policies and terms and conditions, and other important information that apply to on our website are always updated. Although we take great care and conscientiousness in the execution of our Travel Service, we cannot verify or guarantee that all information is accurate, correct, and complete, nor can we be responsible for errors (including flagrant errors or typographical errors), Interruptions (due to a temporary and/or partial failure, repair, update or maintenance work on our website or any other reason), inaccurate, misleading or untrue information or non-transmission of the information are held responsible. Each school remains responsible for the accuracy, completeness, and correctness of their information (including rates/prices/fees, policies & terms and conditions, and availability) on our website. Our website does not constitute a recommendation or endorsement of the quality, level of service, qualification, classification (stars) of a travel company (or its facilities and venues).

2. Prices and Special Offers
The prices offered by the Schools on our site are highly competitive. All prices for your trip are shown including VAT and all other taxes (and are therefore subject to tax fluctuations) and unless otherwise stated on our website or in your confirmation email all fees. All prices are per person and are subject to the validity and expiry date stated on the invoice, if applicable. Any fees and taxes (including tourist taxes/tourist tax) can be charged by the School in the event of no-shows or cancellations.
We want you to pay the lowest possible price for your product or service. Should you find your preferred course with the same conditions and a lower price, we will adjust our price to the lower price. Our “We are the same or cheaper price” promise does not apply to non-educational related products and services.
All prices on the website are listed in EURO and are updated regularly to keep currency fluctuations to a minimum. The currency of the School is dependent upon the currency of their location and invoices will be issued to the Customer on behalf of Schools in that currency.
Payments are to be made to the School in the currency as stipulated in the School’s invoice.
Obvious errors and mistakes (including printing errors) are reserved.
All special offers and promotions are marked as such. If they are not marked as such, you cannot derive any rights from them if the errors are obvious.

3. Privacy Policy
This Privacy Policy governs the manner in which LINGUAGO collects, uses, maintains, and discloses information collected from the Customer. This privacy policy applies to the Platform and all products and services advertised.

4. Free of charge for Customers, only Schools pay!
Unlike most other intermediaries and unless otherwise stated, our services are free of charge for Customers because LINGUAGO does not bill you for our Travel Service and no additional (booking) fees will be charged. You pay the appropriate amount to the School as stated in the booking (and, if not already included in the price, applicable taxes, duties, and fees (if applicable)).
LINGUAGO will publish the name of the Schools which may encourage customers to book directly with the Schools after receiving all the information from us. For this reason, prices listed on the Platform are the same or lower than the prices offered by the Schools. It is against the representation agreement for the School to offers cheaper prices than that is listed on the LINGUAGO Platform.
Schools pay a commission (a small percentage of the product price (e.g. course price) to LINGUAGO after the end-user has completed the service or product of the School (e.g. after the Customer has started their course (and paid for it).

5. Payment Transfer
In order to make a reservation, the Customer will need to transfer a prepayment (security deposit) to LINGUAGO which is processed at the time of the initial booking request for and on behalf of the School. The remaining amount will need to be transferred to the School directly typically within 4 weeks prior to arrival or as otherwise stipulated on the school’s payment terms. The Booking confirmation details are sent to you by the Schools once the School has received full payment.

6. Prepayment, cancellation, no-show, and the fine print
By booking a trip with a School, you accept the School's provisions regarding cancellations and no-shows, as well as all additional (delivery) provisions of the School that may come into effect in relation to your trip (including the fine print provided by the School on our platform and the terms of the School), including services and/or products offered by the School. 
The general provisions of the respective School with regard to cancellations and no-shows are provided with the Schools invoice which is provided during the booking process. The School does not charge cancellation fees prior to the stated cancellation policy period. Please note that certain rates, fees, or offers may not be cancelled, (fully) refunded, or changed and you may or may not be required to make payments in accordance with the School's policy on cancellations, (pre) payments, and no-shows (full) reimbursement of any amounts paid (in advance). In the event of a no-show or a chargeable cancellation, local tourism taxes may still be charged by the School. 
Please note, that a travel booking with a deposit or prepayment (of the total amount or part) can be cancelled (without a prior reminder letter or prior reminder) insofar as the (outstanding) amount is not paid in full and in due time in accordance with the applicable payment guidelines of the School and booking can be withdrawn. You take account of and risk for late payment, incorrect bank details, incorrect debit or credit card information, invalid credit or debit cards, or insufficient funds. In these cases, you are not entitled to a refund of the prepaid (non-refundable) amount, unless the School allows this under its (pre-) payment and cancellation policy. If you would like to review, change, or cancel your travel booking, please refer to the information in your confirmation email and follow the instructions there. 
If you arrive late on the date of arrival or arrive the next day, It is essential that you inform the School of this (in good time / immediately) so that they know when your arrival is to be expected and to avoid cancelling your trip (booking) or paying the fee for a no-show. If necessary, our customer service team can assist you in informing the School. LINGUAGO assumes no liability or responsibility for the consequences of your late arrival or any fees of any kind imposed by the School for cancellation or no-show.

7. Entry Visa, Health Regulations and Insurance
Each customer is responsible for ensuring that the necessary conditions for the execution of the respective travel are fulfilled and all legal requirements (e.g. date of entry and date of departure) are met.
Arrival and departure regulations of the country of travel (passport and visa regulations, health regulations, etc.) must be observed.
You are expressly recommended to have adequate insurance (e.g. travel health, travel cancellation, luggage, personal or third-party injury or loss, etc.). You are responsible for any insurance for situations that may occur before, during, or after your trip.
LINGUAGO cannot be held liable for costs arising from missing or defective insurance.

8. (Further) communication and correspondence
By completing your travel booking, you accept the receipt of i) an e-mail, in which the School is expected to send you shortly before your arrival date, in which you will receive arrival information about your destination, course, additional services, and possible pre-arrival requirements (i.e. language level test, flight information, visa details, medical issues, dietary requests, etc. as well as ii) an email after your arrival asking you to rate your experience with the School and Travel Service and (iii) and emails that you have requested in relation to special offers and deals.
LINGUAGO assumes no liability or responsibility for any communication from or with the School. You cannot assert any rights from inquiries, from communication with the School, or from (any form of) confirmation of receipt of a communication or an inquiry. LINGUAGO cannot guarantee that inquiries or communication will be read/received/fulfilled/executed/accepted by the School (in a timely manner).
In order to complete your travel booking completely and securely, you must provide your correct e-mail address. We are not responsible or liable for any incorrect or misspelt email addresses or incorrect (mobile) telephone numbers or credit card numbers and we have no obligation to verify them.
Any claim or complaint against LINGUAGO or the Travel Service must be sent immediately, but in any event within 30 days of the scheduled day of use of the product or service (e.g. departure/check-out date). Any claim or complaint sent after this 30-day period may be refused, and the claimant will forfeit their right to any compensation (for damages or expenses).

9. Disclaimer of Liability
Claims for damages are excluded. Excluded from this are claims for damages (a) from injury to life, limb, health, (b) when assuming a guarantee or quality agreement or (c) from the breach of essential contractual obligations and (d) liability for other damage based on an intentional or grossly negligent breach of duty by LINGUAGO. Essential contractual obligations are those whose fulfilment is necessary to achieve the contractual objective. In the event of a breach of essential contractual obligations, LINGUAGO is only liable for typical, foreseeable damage if this was caused simply by negligence.
LINGUAGO is not responsible (and disclaims any liability) for the use, validity, quality, suitability, and disclosure of the trip and makes no representations, warranties, or conditions of any kind, including implied warranties regarding usability, titles, non-infringement of rights or usability for a specific purpose. You acknowledge and agree that the relevant School is solely responsible and liable for the trip (including any warranties and representations made by the School). LINGUAGO is not a (reseller) seller of the trip. Complaints or claims regarding the trip (including regarding the price offered (special offer), policy, or special requests from customers) must be handled by the School.

10. Applicable law, place of jurisdiction, and dispute resolution
These general terms and conditions and the provision of our services are subject to German law within the framework of statutory provisions and must be interpreted in accordance with the legal section for travel mediation §§ 675, 631 ff. BGB. All disputes arising out of or in connection with these general terms and conditions and our service is to be brought before the competent court in Munich, Germany.

11. About LINGUAGO (Sprachdirekt GmbH)
LINGUAGO Travel Service is provided by Sprachdirekt GmbH, a private limited company with German jurisdiction and registered office at Schwanthalerstr 5, 80336, Munich, Germany; Company register Munich HRB: 171712. The company VAT identification number is DE257773710