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Salerno is an excellent destination to learn Italian in Italy. It is a vibrant city situated directly on the Amalfi coast in the south of sunny Italy. Salerno's picturesque bay is perfect for those who love to experience that Mediterranean charm combining modern life with a spirit of ancient times. When you study Italian in Salerno you can take a tour and discover the remains of the rich ancient culture. First, the Greeks and then the Etruscans and the Romans came, it is because of this that we are lucky enough to marvel at the architectural and artistic treasures that are still there today. Did you know that the forerunner of our modern-day university was first founded here? The medical school was one of the most important educational institutions in Europe and made many significant contributions to the development of modern medicine.

The municipality has renovated beautified Salerno to ensure that the visitors and residents have an appealing city life. There are enchanting parks, restored churches, and many ancient monuments that you can enjoy while you take an Italian language course here. Salerno offers a diverse range of cultural activities and a lively nightlife for both young and old. If you want to choose a location to learn Italian, the Mediterranean temperatures here are an attractive alternative to the cool summer nights and icy winters common elsewhere in Europe.

The language schools offer trips to the surrounding areas, that you can enjoy with the other students and learn outside the classroom. You can discover the legends, traditions, and lifestyles of the southern Italians. You have the chance to practice your Italian by speaking to friendly local people. The area is a designated world cultural heritage site because of the enchanting scenery of the Mediterranean coast, with its hills, natural parks, and caves, where nature awareness and cleanliness are considered highly important. The broad range of language and cultural activities in and around Salerno offers something for every language course participant. You can practice and learn Italian during the excursions, relax by the sea with an Italian book, or use the sport and leisure facilities in the area.

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