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When you hear the name Canada, you think of wild nature, snow-capped mountains, and multicultural cities. 70% of this, the second-largest country in the world, is taken up by large natural areas, national parks, mountains, and tundra and the fauna and flora of Canada are unique. If you want to improve your English in Canada, you will be amazed by the diversity of the country as well as the warmth and openness of the Canadians.

On the west coast of Canada is Vancouver with its Coast Mountains; a breathtaking range of mountains, and on the east coast is Toronto; a lively and multicultural metropolis. In Canada, you are spoilt for choice! Both language schools have modern facilities and contemporary design and offer an excellent range of language courses and accommodation to choose from. On top of the language lessons, our students are offered a great deal: city tours and pub visits, weekend trips, sporting activities, and much more – Speak English and have fun non stop!


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Schools of English


Schools of English

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