French Language Certificates

Why should I study French?

Learning the French Language is a great way of broadening your possibilities in social and professional environments. Apart from being one of the most beautifully spoken languages worldwide, French is used as a useful tool in the world of education as well as in the work place. Certain universities and careers call for different qualifications and different levels so choosing the right path to study is very important and therefore the examination courses that you choose can help to enhance your language skills.

Why take an examination course?

During an examination course students together with their experienced teachers work hard to achieve results. During the preparation course the four main skills of the French language will be targeted, namely, Reading, Listening, Writing and Speaking. During lessons teachers will discuss difficult areas of the language while also targeting Grammar and Vocabulary to ensure students are ready for the exam.

Which exams are available?


Forming a large part of the French examinations, the DELF and DALF series provide a highly structured system in French as a Foreign Language from A1 level to C2 level following the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

It is suggested to start from the DILF, a beginner exam that leads onto DELF and DALF. DELF targets the lower levels while DALF is aimed towards higher levels.

Examination Course - Level
DELF A1 - basic
DELF A2 - basic
DELF B1 - independent
DELF B2 - independent
DALF C1 - advanced
DALF C2 - advanced

The DELF and DALF series of examinations are internationally recognised and are consistent with the CEFR. The exams are independent of each other so any exam can be attempted simply depending on the level of the student. Each level assesses the four skills, Reading, Listening, Writing and Speaking. DELF also branches out into other categories such as the DEFL Pro, the DELF Prim and the DELF Scolaire.

DELF Prim is the first level in the series, where beginners in French as a Foreign Language can start their education in the language. It targets eight to twelve year olds.

Examination Course - Level
DELF Prim A1.1 - elementary
DELF Prim A1 - elementary
DELF Prim A2 - elementary
DELF Prim is intended for children who have recently started learning the French Language. This exam tests young students in their Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking skills with topics that young learners can adapt to.

DELF Scolaire targets students under eighteen years old and can be attempted in four independent diplomas, all of which are independent of each other and are adapted to school children’s topics.

Examination Course - Level
DELF Scolaire A1 - basic
DELF Scolaire A2 - basic
DELF Scolaire B1 - independent
DELF Scolaire B2 - independent
DELF Scolaire is open to all young people living in countries other than France and who attend schools authorised to provide the exam.

DELF Pro is usually taken by students who want to start a career in French speaking countries, it is a business oriented exam that assesses the students’ communicative skills that relate to the business environment. It is also a course that is valid for the student’s lifetime.


TCF is another exam that is made up of three compulsory exams as well as two supplementary exams. The compulsory exams are made up of Listening, Reading and Proficiency in Language Structures – this session would last approximately an hour and a half.

The Listening section focuses on the evaluation of spoken French where daily communication and abstract topics will be discussed. The Reading section is focused on natural communication dialogues from messages and letters to long and factual literary texts. The Proficiency section assesses how well the student can identify syntactic and lexical features.

The optional exams include a choice between Speaking and Writing, both of which are made up of Three Tasks and require hard work, dedication and a devoted teacher.

Another version of the TCF, one which is specifically designed for architecture students. This exam is called the TCF-DAP and may also be requested by other high schools as a requirement to enter certain courses. TCF-DAP is a very specific and is a course that requires great concentration and effort so ensuring that you are doing the right exam might be beneficial.


Another exam that accurately grades students’ skills in general French relative to the CEFR. As the other examination courses, the TEF focuses on Writing, Speaking, Listening and Reading.

What about the results?

The results of the French exams are calculated in different ways but they all follow the CEFR level system. When taking a course, it is always recommended to discuss your results with your tutor so as to know the best ways to achieve high results in the examination of your choice.

Which course is best for me?

Choosing the right course is one of the most important things to do when making a major life change, be it for business or education, choosing the wrong course could lead to disappointment and confusion. Make sure that you take on a course with a positive attitude, focus on what you are doing and have fun while you are learning. Do your best and good luck!