English Language Courses - EC - Toronto

The school offers the students the choice between three different levels of intensity of general English language courses: Standard, Semi-Intensive and Intensive.

There is a placement test on the first day that we use to ensure that we know the students` language level and can place them in the right group where they will find the lessons sufficiently challenging. Generally, all three levels of intensity are available to all students from beginner level to advanced. Also, short level tests are regularly given in order to monitor the progress and improvement of the course participants during their stay. The general English language courses take place all year round. The first day of class is on a Monday and each course group has a maximum of 15 participants. During the low season, however, the groups are often smaller.

The general English courses focus on the four main language areas: reading, writing, listening, and speaking – but of course, we do not forget vocabulary and grammar. To make the courses as effective as possible, the lessons are extremely interactive and focus on the individuals. Practical exercises and constant use of the language will help the students to become more fluent and improve their language immensely. The use of everyday media helps to make the lessons as true to life as possible. Media such as newspapers, radio, television, and the Internet are used as well as the more standard course books in order to make the lessons interesting with regard to current issues and realistic situations. The daily use of these media makes learning easier. In the afternoons, the students on the Intensive English course can choose from various themes such as film or media, the language of music, grammar in everyday life, speaking, and writing.

The difference between the three intensity levels of the general English language courses is the number of lessons. The Standard English course consists of 20 lessons per week, the Semi-Intensive English course has 24 lessons and the Intensive English course consists of 30 lessons. A lesson in the language school in Toronto consists of 45 minutes.

To focus more on what you learn on the group course or to look at specific topics you can choose the additional individual 1:1 lessons. You can select either 5 or 10 individual 1:1 lessons of 45 minutes each. In these additional lessons, the teacher will focus on the specific needs of the individual student and might include topics such as medicine, engineering, or business. An individualised syllabus can be created to meet your requirements.