Saint Julian's

English Language Schools in Sunny St Julian's

St Julian’s is the centre for entertainment in Malta. Studying English in St Julian’s makes a holiday easy and stress free because everything that a traveller needs can be found within walking distance. Restaurants, pubs, cinemas and shopping malls can all be accessed by walking along the promenade overlooking the typical Maltese boats that rest upon the glimmering sea of Malta’s prime city. After a morning of English in highly accredited schools, students can go out into the city and practise the skills they’ve learnt in class and make use of their language in the real world.

Apart from the neighbourly atmosphere that makes Malta’s visitors happier, the island is safe and friendly. A visitor can never get lost in the busy streets of Malta; passers-by would willingly help any lost traveller wondering around on a free afternoon away from the classroom. Choose an English Language Course from our carefully selected schools below.