English Language Courses - EC - Malta

The general English language courses at EC Malta can introduce beginners to the English language or help those with some experience to improve their existing knowledge. They are even suitable for more advanced students. It is possible to start a course at our Boston language school every Monday (excluding Mondays falling on American holidays on which no lessons are held).

The general English course is our most popular because it focuses on all aspects of the English language. In this course, a lot of emphasis is placed on conversation and students also advance in their English listening, reading, and writing skills.

Lessons have interesting topics that provide context for the vocabulary and grammar learned in class. What’s more, the material learned isn’t just purely language theory. Lessons show students how to use the most important grammatical rules and vocabulary that are essential to natural English as it is spoken by native speakers.

There are two different options for the general English language courses: the Standard Course with 20 lessons per week, and the Intensive Course with 30 lessons per week.

The Standard English Course with 20 lessons per week offers a balanced combination of lessons and leisure. The lessons take place in the mornings and the participants have the option to do what they would like in the afternoons or to take advantage of the different programs the language school offers. Should the school be under a high booking demand, some lessons may take place in the afternoon instead of the morning. If this is the case, participants will rotate between an afternoon and a morning schedule (i.e. Tuesday and Thursday morning; Monday, Wednesday, and Friday afternoon). Each lesson is 45 minutes and units are generally taught in a 90-minute block with a break thereafter.

The Intensive English Course is for those participants who wish to make the most progress in the shortest amount of time. The 30 lessons per week take place Monday to Friday and are divided into 90-minute units. Each unit is followed by a break. The Standard Course is taught during the mornings (and sometimes afternoons) and in the afternoon participants can take part in one of many elective courses with different areas of focus. Beginners and students with an intermediate knowledge of English can choose from the following options: English in the office, English in society, English on the street, English at home, and English in the library. Students with an intermediate to advanced knowledge of English can choose from the following: conversation, grammar in context, English for the workplace, and scientific skills.

The group courses can also be supplemented with private lessons in which students can concentrate on their own interests and language goals.