English Language Courses - EC - Cape Town

The General English language courses at our school in Cape Town offer you the opportunity to improve and develop your General English language skills. The courses are based on four key areas of the language: reading, writing, speaking, and understanding. In order to meet the different needs and requirements of the participants, we offer two different General English courses at the school: the Standard English course and the Intensive English course.

The standard English course gives you the opportunity to develop a practical understanding of the English language and its use. In the lessons, you will experience English in a variety of situations and do exercises on grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation, and idioms as well as the basic elements. This course is ideal for students who want to use the time to explore Cape Town and the surroundings in addition to taking the language course. The course consists of 20 lessons per week, each with a duration of 45 minutes, which allows enough time for various other leisure activities.

The other general English course option is the intensive English course. You will make good progress no matter what language level you have when you start this course. You can combine the Standard English course with a selection of specialised topic areas which will help you to speak fluently and without any errors. You can choose from a variety of options depending on your level of English. For students with a language level between Beginner and Lower-Intermediate, there is our `Survival English` range. This includes English in the office, in the company, in the street, at home, or in the library. Participants with Intermediate or Advanced levels can, for example, select a conversation course, a grammar course, a Business English course, or a course on scientific/academic work. This course consists of 30 lessons of 45 minutes each.

The General English courses are suitable for all levels from Beginner to Advanced. These groups have a maximum of 12 and an average of 10 participants. Courses start every Monday and run through until Friday. The minimum stay for a General English course in Cape Town is one week. Please note that 16 is the minimum age required to participate in these courses.

Private lessons can be booked in addition to the normal group course in South Africa, and you can choose between 5 or 10 lessons of additional private 1:1 tuition per week.