Business English Courses - EC - New York

If you need English skills in your professional life and would like to improve or expand them in the shortest possible time span, business English courses in New York are an ideal choice.

Core topics covered on the course are meetings, presentations, negotiations and discussions, communication on the phone as well as the drafting of formal reports, e-mails and letters. Analyse case studies with like-minded, international professionals and expand your business network in the process.

Upon completion of the language course in New York you will receive an individual language profile that describes your strengths and weaknesses and documents your development during the language course. Your language profile will also contain advice for your future English studies.

Business English courses are scheduled to take between two and twelve weeks and begin every Monday. Courses consist of 28 teaching periods a week (50 minutes each) and cover a combination of standard English in the mornings and specialised business English in the afternoons. Secondary school English skills are a minimum requirement for participation.