Business English Courses - EC - San Diego

At the present time, global communication in the business world is essential. Conference calls, E-mails, and internet communication have become a fundamental part of international business. For this reason, we have developed a course that focuses on the business elements of the English language.

The Business English course consists of 30 lessons of 45 minutes per week and targets people with a sound intermediate or advanced understanding of the English language. We recommend this course to students who wish to improve their business speaking skills as well as improving their General English knowledge.

The course is provided for students across the world. With a maximum of 12 participants, the off-season usually consists of fewer participants; the teacher can better assist students in a group environment. Included in the Business English Course are the following areas:

  • Telephone communication

  • Conferences

  • Presentations

  • Negotiations and discussions

  • Writing formal reports, E-mails, and letters

  • Write an English CV or Résumé, and tips for English job interviews

In addition, relevant case studies are incorporated into the curriculum to help provide practical experience during your course. Furthermore, students will have the opportunity to meet new people and gain valuable contacts to increase their network.

Private Business Lesson (Optional)

If you would like to intensify your business English experience, we recommend our Private Business Lessons. You have the option to add 5 or 10 additional private lessons, 45 minutes apiece, in combination with your group lessons. Alternately, you can book your complete Business English course as a private session and will include 20 to 30 lessons of 45 minutes. Choosing our private lessons will allow us to target your specific needs, focusing on your strengths and weakness, as well as further specifying our already specified course (i.e. English for marketing, human resources, tourism, finance, etc…) or you can opt for other general language areas.