General French language courses - France Langue Bordeaux - France

The General French language courses in Bordeaux are the ideal choice for those who want to learn French for a wide range of uses. The standard French course is available at all levels from complete beginners to advanced, the semi-intensive French course and the intensive French course are available to those with level A1 (beginners with a little knowledge of French).

All courses booked for a duration of at least two weeks can be combined with an additional 5 or 10 private lessons per week. If you are only staying for a week, you can combine a standard group course with an additional 6 or 10 private lessons - i.e. 20 + 6 or 20 +10.

The standard French course is perfect for those who want a balance of lessons and free time. The course consists of 20 45-minute lessons per week and the rest of the day is free for the participants to explore Bordeaux and the area extensively. Students with some previous knowledge of French can start the course on any Monday. There are specific start dates for complete beginners.

The semi-intensive French course is aimed at learners who already have an A1 level in the French language and want to develop their communication skills and expand their knowledge through active language teaching. The course consists of 26 45-minute lessons a week. Lessons focus on communication skills and use texts from French daily life, such as newspaper articles, and explore the French language through projects.

The intensive French course is ideal for students who want to learn as much as possible in a short time and have at least level A1 in French. There are 30 45-minute lessons per week and they aim to improve spoken and written language skills through the integration of project work, newspaper articles and other written French texts.