Business Spanish Language Course - Debla - Malaga

The process of globalisation continues to increase the importance of the Spanish language in the business world. To become successful in an international work environment, you have to be able to communicate effortlessly in the respective commercial language and observe the customs of a country. This is why our language school provides special business courses for participants that need business Spanish in their professional lives or would like to improve their career opportunities.

 The Business Spanish course in Malaga is offered in combination with the standard course. In an additional daily class, you will be taught the details of business Spanish, including business vocabulary, grammar, abbreviations and customs. You will consolidate your vocabulary by working through various texts, learn business-related expressions and idioms and get an overview of relevant economic issues in Spain. As good manners are also important for successful international cooperation, your teachers will introduce you to the code of conduct in Spanish commercial life as well.

Business Spanish courses start every Monday and can be attended for one or two weeks. Class sizes are small, with a group average of 5-6 and a group maximum of 8 students. Tuition is held both in the morning and in the afternoon; this will ensure effective progression on your Spanish language journey. Due to the fact that the business Spanish course addresses the business-related aspects and nuances of the Spanish language, high school level Spanish (CEFR level B2) is a requirement for participation.

Additional Private Coaching (Optional)

If you would like to intensify your Spanish language course, you can combine group classes with additional private coaching. This is especially advisable if you would like to improve your weaknesses or address specific topics in detail.