50+ Programme - Debla - Malaga

Our older participants (age 50 and above) generally don't just embark on a language journey to improve their language skills, but also to experience the country and all its facets. The language school has developed special 50+ programmes for this demographic in which language tuition is embedded in a cultural framework.

The 50+ programme in Malaga consists of 4 daily lessons as well as additional programmes in the afternoons and evenings during which recently acquired skills are actively trained. Accommodation can be provided in host families, private apartments, hotels or the school residence.

As additional programme a city tour, welcome drink, cooking night, museum trip (with guided tour) and restaurant visit are usually offered for example.

The 50+ programme is organised about 8 times a year on specific dates. Participants can enrol for one or two weeks. The course is offered for all ability levels, from beginner to advanced speaker. The maximum number of participants is 6. If a sufficient number of participants cannot be reached, a standard Spanish course should be attended instead. Your journey to Spain can start!