Intensive Spanish courses - Clic IH Sevilla - Seville

We recommend the Intensive Spanish course in Seville to participants who want to achieve maximum progress in a short time. Just like the Standard course, the Intensive course is a general Spanish language course but with a greater number of hours.

The Intensive Course consists of 30 lessons per week of 50 minutes. Every day there are 4 classes in the morning, as in the Standard course, and two additional lessons in small groups in the afternoons. The number of participants in the last teaching block is smaller, and so each participant receives more individual attention from the teacher. Also, the subject matter of the last block is individually tailored to the needs and interests of the students.

The price includes 2 x 2 additional lessons per week which include: cookery classes, dance classes, art history, literature, phonetics, or history.

If you have any further questions about Spain, we are happy to help.