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English Language Schools in Beautiful Malta

Malta is a newly formed cosmopolitan that caters for a big selection of foreigners who frequently visit the island. Malta is equipped with an entertainment scene where all sectors of the industry are taken into account. Malta’s national languages are Maltese and English, as after serving the British throne the language of Great Britain was adopted into the culture and used as an official language. With small beaches, the Mediterranean sun constantly shining over the traditional villages and metropolitan cities and an a large amount of accredited English schools, Malta is a diverse country and a perfect place to learn the English language.

Malta is equipped with frequent bus routes taking you from the centre to the Cultural Capital 2018 of Valletta, or to Malta’s historical city of Mdina to enjoy a generous piece of chocolate cake while looking at the panoramic views from a rooftop café. Choose any of our English courses in Malta from the carefully selected the list below.