Alpha.b Institut Linguistique "le Forum"

School Address

9 Rue d'Angleterre
06000 Nice

… a more than 25 years' experience in teaching and organising French as a foreign language allows us to offer to our clients competence, innovations and good will.

Founded in 1993, ALPHA.B offers language courses, which give each participant the possibility of making real progress and obtaining insight into cultural, social and economic aspects of life in France.

Our whole range - courses, leisure activities, and accommodation – is founded upon the same principle: "Beside knowledge of grammar and vocabulary it's the comprehension of the social and cultural background of the language which accelerates the learning process and makes a language course abroad so efficient."

"Le Forum" centre is located at only two minutes walking from our main building, in the very heart of Nice. Snacks and drinks are available in school. Students will find administration, teaching staff and social activities.


School Facilities

  • Computer Room
    Computer Room
  • Café